Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nathan Cyprys

This Artist Profile interview was kinda short...You would think after doing about 40 of them that it would be easier by now or that I would be less awkward. Nope. Oh well, maybe after 80 interviews?...haha. I remember seeing Nathan's photos at a little show in OCAD. They really impressed me and stood out. I am glad that he is part of a group show at 111 Bathurst Street called "Present in the Art" where you can watch one of his video pieces. If you cant make it to the show than please go to his site and watch them. They are good. And his blog is something that you all should check out, his writing and photos are something that I cant get enough of. For a blog, its top notch. Also I have been BUSY. Really busy. Workingworkingworking. I love doing the Artist Profiles, but lets face it---I have to have jobs that pay bills. So I have been working 60+hrs a week. So if you see me biking around the city looking like a zombie, now you know why. On a good note, so many great things are happening....Amazing art openings! Crafting with rad ladies, reading none stop. Oh, and I love this weather!!! More to come....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joe Becker

This profile was a long time coming. Finally we did it. I have wanted to interview Joe for some time now...but then Peggy and him left Toronto and went off to Germany, basically to live the dream. Paint, eat good food, drink good beer, and go to amazing museums. Yup, I am jealous. They are two of the best oil painters I know, and work so hard. Joe has been painting non stop since arriving in his studio space. And I was glad that he took the time to answer my questions. And I love how Joe quoted Oprah! I laughed so hard. Joe is constantly updating his blog with new work, totally worth bookmarking.