Friday, January 29, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I have a book on felting, and recently finished this little red fox. Its really tiny, three inches. I have been doing alot of crafting lately, maybe because of the cold weather. Its nice to stay inside and hibernate. To keep my hands busy I have been learning how to crochet ( I am working on a hat) and also felting little animals. So I'm going to give this little fox away to the first person who leaves a comment(that actually wants the little fox)! Please remember to email me( with your name and address so that I can send it to you!

The Family Game

I went on a trip to Value Village yesterday and found this gem of a board game. It's pretty old, 1971, it was covered in dust. I had to have it. When I got home, I opened it and was happy that the original instructions were still in the box! I wasnt sure what to expect out of this game....Its ridiculous! I took photos of the cards that you are supposed to ask your family members. I would never play this game with anybody in my family. If I did it would not end well. Reading all the Probe/Insight/Good Graces cards gave me a good laugh. Its supposed to bring you closer to your family and open up communication. Hahhaha. If anyone wants to borrow it, or needs a good laugh let me know. I also really enjoyed the awkward family portraits on the box.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sandi Falconer

Finally something new and exciting! I feel a bit rusty, I haven't been keeping up with doing the profiles every week. I think I let the negative comments get to me way too much. So I was bummed out for a bit, but I'm getting over it. Also having such a flexible schedule gives me too much freedom sometimes. And lately I have been focusing on me, and working on my own stuff (is that selfish?). Meeting Sandi was such a breath of fresh air, she was so great(and her cat was so cute). I love her work, her posters make me happy! Meeting rad lady artists like herself make me want to not be such a slacker anymore. Anyways, check out her sweet website and see for yourself how awesome her posters are. And the interview it pretty great, with links to other awesome sites.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Psychedelic Cupcakes

Nothing cheers me up more than baking some colourful cupcakes:) You cannot be grumpy after biting into one. I made some yesterday and brought them over to a friends house. There is something great about watching people bite into them. And look of shock that appears on there face is priceless. This batch was more on the turquoise/purple scheme. The others that were eaten by my lovely friends, were more fuschia pink/lime green. I recommend making them, so much fun!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Key Collection

Lately I have been taking alot of photos of the things I am surrounded by in my home. I especially find these old keys to be fascinating. I wonder who they belonged too and what they were for?...Maybe I have been watching too much "paranormal state" and "physic kids" hahaha. I thought I would also share something I just finished watching: Beautiful Losers It came out in theatres awhile ago, I missed the Toronto screening (I think it was showing here only once). Anyways I finally watched it online and it was really inspiring. I have been spending alot of time making things and doing things. I told myself that I want to be surrounded by people who actually do what they say they will, rather then alot of talking about doing something. Oh and I found an amazing chair on the side of the road, I am going to reupholster it with pretty fabric. I will post a before & after photo of it when I am finished.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vintage forals

I was just messing around taking photos of some nice floral sheets that belonged to my mom. She has so many, and she told me that she received all of them as gifts from a linen shower. I did not know there was such a thing. I guess they used to be more practical with engagement/wedding showers many years ago. I just find them to be so beautiful, my mom also gave me a handmade quilt which I will post pictures of soon.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The White House

Finally a new interview, and a new year! This one is a bit different from all the others I have done. It focuses on a studio space, rather than a specific artist. Also its a pretty long read, and has two different people answering questions. I just thought that it was a good time to write something about the White House, since they have just moved to a new location in Kensington Market. The other location, was nice and convenient for me at the time. This one seems more exciting. Its all open space and has big windows to let in alot of natural light. I only know a couple of people who have spaces... but I'm sure everyone is nice. Xenia is one of the founders, and deserves alot of credit, for what she has done. I would not have the patience and organizational skills to do create what she has. Affordable studio space downtown, and basically a little community. So I dont know if my piece does The White House any justice...but atleast its out there and people can go check out there website and see what they are up too.