Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post Office Love

Yesterday was such a good day! I went to the post office (it had been a few days since the last time I went) and my box was full of awesome things. I love when that happens. First off I want to thank Melinda for the sweetest fox card print ever! They are limited edition and you should grab one while you can. The fox & clovers remind me of spring time, and makes me think of nice things. Secondly, I ordered some vintage library pocket cards and stamps. I am so happy with them. The woman I ordered them from was so nice and sent me a really great hand picked selection. Im not sure what I am going to do with them yet...but it will something special I'm sure. I really enjoy the hand written names on the library cards, you can tell that it is children writing their names in cursive (with pencil), adorable.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lisa Cristinzo Part Two

So another reason why I am really into this the island!!! I have fallen in love with Artscape at Gibraltor point. I went over to take some photos of Lisa in her winterbeasta warrior piece. I was so excited, like a kid on the ferry for the first time. I felt so at home in that space. I am seriously considering renting a studio. And if I do, you are all welcome to come visit me. You should read the interview I did with Lisa to get a better understanding of her alter ego. So enjoy, and have a lovely valentines day!

Lisa Cristinzo Part One

This profile on Lisa makes me so happy. One of the many reasons why I like it so much is her answers. They make so much sense to me. I think its because we have similar personalities, and interests. I completely get them. Anyways, I just thought I would also mention her paintings have really changed alot. I remember them from a couple of years ago and one thing is, they have become much, much smaller. Also this was the first time for me to see this series finished. It all started in her studio/bedroom which had the most perfect view of the construction for the AGO, back when that was still going on. I think they turned out pretty great. Oh, and Lisa's website is under construction so if you want to see more or need to get in touch, you could contact the gallery she is currently with.