Friday, April 20, 2012

Jason Harvey

Artist Profile: Jason Harvey
Interview by: SARA TITANIC

Can you talk a little about your upcoming show "FUN" ? What are your inspirations behind it?

"FUN" is going to be a collection of video installations and about 30 or so large scale prints. I've done a lot of static and live video installations in the past but this is the first time where I'm trying to materialize things on a large scale, to make stuff that you can touch and buy. My practice is mostly digital, usually seen through a data projector, a monitor or web browser and I wanted to experiment with ways to bring it into the real world and make a different kind of immersive experience. I'm interested in appropriation, using images, symbols logos, 3d objects etc, taking it all in and kind of vomiting it back out in ways that examine the idea of branding and ownership, kind of taking pieces of things we all see everyday and making it into a little joke just for me. I like this idea of broken humour, trying to create this thing where it's unclear if something is smart or stupid, like a joke that isn't a set up and a punchline, but something that more weird and open ended.

Describe your process of creating a new piece?

Most of the following things inspire me to make new work
•Watching TV almost all of the time
• Techno music
•Yahoo Answers
• Google 3d Warehouse
•teenage toilet graffiti
•bong stores
• youtube 3d animation tutorials given by children
• energy drinks
• face and neck tattoos
• small and large dogs
• huge dogs
•sometimes connecting with other human being in real life
• the sublime beauty of nature

What possessed you to start a Tumblr? And what are some of your favourite Tumblrs/blogs or YouTube videos at the moment?

I started a tumblr because I like the idea of having a place to put all these images and .gifs that I was making, some of which are kind of sketches or pieces of other larger things and some of which are things that just kind of little self-contained thing. I really like the way the tumblr works, where if an image or post is popular it gets reblogged, eventually so much so that you don't even know the originally source. So all of the most popular images are anonymous, and kind of get absorbed back into the creative continuum to get remixed and reiterated by different users. I think that more democratic image making process is really interesting, obviously there’s a lot of crap too, but I think part of what I like about the internet in generally is wading through all of it to find something special.
Here are some youtubes:

I think this is a company that will make videos of you singing

My favourite new robot ToTaLLy tRipPing (sort of)

Also a baby who made a Simpsons movie

And some tumblrs I like:

When are you most productive?

Definitely during the night time, when there is some sick Wifi, a huge computer and I am also a little bit drunk.

Any last words?

I'm also working on a 3D animated film Called "Avatar 2" which is the unofficial sequel to James Cameron's Avatar, It’s taking forever to make but should come out sometime around the end of the year. Otherwise, I really think FUN will be totally an OK time, you should come and we can all have an OK time together. I am always looking for new people to watch TV and use computers with.
You can look at a bunch of my work here:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Ready

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

I am trying to get the zone of being productive...and this lil gem of a video made me feel better about things. Thanks to Sarah McNeil and her lovely tumblr for posting it.
Today I also signed up for the Chicago Zine Fest. I had the BEST time 2 years ago...March is coming fast.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Researching Rabbits

Recently my partner Jason & I have been looking into different breeds of rabbits. So many adorable ones to choose from. I really like the Jersey Wooly bunnies/mini Lop's/Netherland Dwarf bunnies are all my favourites. Basically anything small and with a relaxed and curious temperament. If anyone out there has a rabbit---please let me know all about it! Any input will help with our decision.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

David Maracle

You have some of your sculptures in the upcoming show "Very Beautiful Things" at The Gladstone Hotel. Can you describe some of the pieces that you have decided to include in the group show, and why those specific sculptures are important to you?

All my pieces are important to me as they allow me to have time alone to think of why I care about the things Creator has given us; from a rich ancestral heritage to a future that can only get better with age as we put our efforts and time into our work and share about the past, present and future.....The sculpture entitled Gathering Our Minds is a "life piece" and it won the First Prize Blue Ribbon from the Prestigious Heard Museum in Scottsdale Arizona.This piece is a teaching tool of my Mohawk Ancestry and I cannot wait to share it with others. Another piece is an abstract carving that people are not used to seeing from me, but the meaning is so very deep, and it will take a good conversation with the viewer to understand the concept and meaning. Its entitled "Universal Healing". Another piece is entitled "Earth & Fire", A magnificent Eagle that has emerged from fire, ash and earth. Also, another piece entitled "Brother's Forever II" which is a mixed media piece of stone, bone, feather and leather. It has a poem that comes with it, explaining the expression on the Warrior's face...just to name a few.

You have been a carver/sculptor for 26 years now, what drew you to this craft? And what keeps you interested in making such a big body of work?

Someone gave me a chunk of stone and what drew me to this work was the excitement of taking nature and manipulating it just enough to allow that piece of art to dictate its own destiny my father encouraged me immensely in my artwork, and so did my mother, being an artist herself. Also Joe Jacobs, a well known carver from Six Nations really was an inspiration to me as well. Its also the challenge of a large piece of stone to see what I can unveil and expose, what is really already there the stone shows me what to uncover and sometimes, I feel as though I'm just a channel and the ancestors just come out and show themselves and their message through me, through the stone. The larger pieces are called my "life" pieces...because it took a substantial amount of my life to finish them. People always ask how long did THAT take you??..I always answer "more than an hour and less than a lifetime" father told me to NEVER keep track of the time it would not be fun if I did it then would become a job, and my art is not a job, it’s my life.

Can you describe your process? Where do you draw inspiration from to start a piece and what is involved technically?

The inspiration to start a piece comes from what or how I may be feeling that day. It puts me in a state of mind to focus on healing and using our First Nations symbols, images and teachings to incorporate teaching and understanding that will give the viewer an insight into us as First Nations, Onkwehonwe people. (The Keepers Of The Earth). The actual stone itself will also be inspiring to me; the colour of it, the grain, and the size of it or where it came from. Technically my tools need to be organized, sharp and ready, and my studio must be clean and ready to receive a new sculpture. I am very careful to wear the appropriate masks and eye protection, and also have my area properly vented and lighted. Smudging the area and the stone with our sacred medicines is also another thing I do before I start anything.

When you are working in the studio, what do you use to stay focused? Do you listen to music? Tell me what keeps you motivated?

Playing my flutes and creating music at the same time gives me what I need to change it up a bit ,or even write new poems for my new book will help to keep it fresh, new and evolving. Listening to music as well, and NOT answering the phone, and shutting out the outside world also helps.I really enjoy working either very late at night, or very early in the morning as there is less energy in the air from anything, accept for nature the peacefulness of the water behind my studio, the heron that lives on our peninsula, the loons, its all there to keep me motivated.

The end results also really keep me motivated, to see what has been uncovered, exposed in the stone, and of course people's comments and what they see, feel and experience when they actually see my sculpture for the first time. -DRM

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Knocks

Tomorrow is the opening of "Three Knocks" at Narwhal Art Projects The images above are works of art by Adrienne Kammerer, Jamilya Lowe and Katy Horan. I'm so pleased to check it out on 11.11.11 and that the art is by three awesome women artists that I love. If you are looking for something to do Friday night, downtown Toronto....Come to this! You wont regret it. Sometimes I actually love this city, and I am really stoked on what people make---feeling really good about things lately.

Since I mentioned awesome artist ladies above, another event is happening too. Melissa, who owns CHOSEN Vintage is having her official opening event Friday evening. If you like vintage clothing a suggest you visit her shop. Its in a really great location too!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Vibes

This weekend is daylight savings, and that means an extra hour of sleep. The downside is---darkness at 5:00pm. When I am biking home after work it just feels wrong when the sun has already disappeared.

One thing I am looking forward to is being productive. I have been working 7 days a week for many months now...and during summertime I didnt get anything done. Other than fun times! So I have big-big-big plans for what I want to accomplish during the fall/winter months. Not as much going out---more making things at home, and having friends over for dinner and getting cozy.

For now, you can check 2 new tumblrs by a couple of awesome ladies I know that I have mentioned on here before. And the lovely Cody also took the photo of me above, in this post.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Summer

Some photos that I took from last year, that were just developed. They were taken with a Minolta X-700. It was a birthday gift, from my dear friends Christopher and Morgan. Finally putting it to use!