Saturday, July 24, 2010

Made in Japan

Recently I have been trying to take photos with film. I have a holga but this Pentax camera from the late 70's-early 80's is something else. The photos I took were basically a test roll, not sure what to expect. What I like about it is that you have more control and 24 images versus 12 0r 16 with a holga. And I want to say thanks to a couple of friends who gave me some tips on where to get the film processed for super cheap. This means I will be taking more photos. And hopefully getting better results as I go. This summer is full of things going on, so sorry for the lack of exciting posts. Expect a new interview that I look forward to posting soon.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TZL & This Ain't the Rosedale Library (R.I.P)

These are photos of the Toronto Zine Library that I took last time I did staffed hours. I'm usually around here on Wednesdays 6-8pm. Speaking of zines....Last night I was at a zine reading in front of the now closed independent bookstore This Ain't the Rosedale Library (R.I.P). The zinesters who read stories were Jeff Miller/Dave Roche(so funny)/Joey Comeau/Liz Worth. It was a nice gathering in the hot sun on the pavement outside the closed bookstore. After everyone read a piece of their work the owner Charlie and his son Jessie said a few words about the store, they didnt seem was like they were thinking of what they could do next. The store was around for 30 years! and now that it is closed what now?... I dont think they are giving up, just looking for other options. Its hard to be an independent bookstore when people are buying books off amazon. It's just really sad that we lost such a great bookstore, it was part of the Toronto community for so long, its such a bummer that it takes losing something for people to come together like last night.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 84th Birthday Grandma

Yesterday was my grandmothers birthday, so I made the trip out to suburbia. Which was actually a nice break from all the madness that has been going on downtown recently. It seems like suburbia is going through a rough patch. So many abandoned buildings, it also feels like it is outdated...gas prices are so high that it doesnt make sense for people to drive all the way downtown to for a job and then back to suburbia. I wonder what will happen to all those buildings?...One of them is my old grade school right behind my grandparents house. It would make sense to turn it into a community center, but somehow I dont think that will happen. Maybe in the near future I will bring my camera and spend some time exploring all these buildings. For now you will just have to look at personal photos I took yesterday. I really like the second photo, my grandmother is showing me a scar on her hand from a surgery. And the fourth photo of grandfathers legs, with his Clark shoes on. I love their bathroom wallpaper, its floral with metallic silver. Lots and lots of Old Spice---Classic!