Monday, August 31, 2009

Janna Watson

Recently my life has been really crazy...Sorry for the late post.
I have been busy this past weekend, with studio work at the Whitehouse, we just had our show "the blind leading the blind" it went really well. Also the next day was Zine Dream 2, and that turned out to be a good day. It was a total visual overload, in a good way. Okay, back to the studio visit featuring Janna Watson. Basically her work is dreamy, and so is she. When I used to work at the old art supply store, she would come in and purchase all my favourite colours. The space in which she works is stunning, perfect light for painting. I really enjoyed actually talking to her, and getting to know a little bit more about the work. And we both agreed that it is hard to talk about your art. Sometimes you just can not explain how it happens, it just is. Read the lovely interview we did to see exactly what I mean when I say she is "dreamy", and check out her site to see so much more of her work.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Donna Irvine

Donna is such a nice person, and has a sweet dog too. We both have spaces at the Whitehouse, but I had never met her till the interview. How weird is that? Anyways, my friend Brit told me about Donna and her work, I am so glad she did! The materials Donna uses are fairly normal, but the results are stunning. I love all the things she is currently working on. And are mutual fondness of technical pens was funny. She recently started a blog, you need to check it out, full of good stuff that she is working on....and neat videos etc.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Braden Labonte

This Artist Profile is so good! I think Braden's work speaks for itself. I noticed his website through friends sites, and could not believe that I haven't seen his work around. Probably because I do not get out as much as I like too...So I sent him an email and got to check out his space and his work in person. So glad I got a chance to interview him and find out more his art and him. Also his girlfriend, Shauna Born, equally talented! So check out the interview and more of Braden's work. You won't be disappointed.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Jarrod Wilson

This weeks Artists Profile, is very special to me (wow that sounds really cheesy). I know Jarrod extremely well, so that puts alot of pressure on me to make everything extra perfect. I think it turned out nice...anyways more about Jarrod's work, what I really enjoy is that he is not afraid to experiment with new techniques and ideas, his work is consantly evolving. Which is exciting to see. He also works in many different mediums, not just painting which is the focus of the interview. He is talented at printmaking and photography, which you can take a little peak at his blog to see what I mean. Jarrod also has a very nice bike that is super fast, and I am kinda jealous, it has a pink wheel!