Monday, November 28, 2011

Researching Rabbits

Recently my partner Jason & I have been looking into different breeds of rabbits. So many adorable ones to choose from. I really like the Jersey Wooly bunnies/mini Lop's/Netherland Dwarf bunnies are all my favourites. Basically anything small and with a relaxed and curious temperament. If anyone out there has a rabbit---please let me know all about it! Any input will help with our decision.


  1. Hi Sara! I have a Male Netherland Dwarf and they've been described to have a bad temperament. He's my first pet though, so it's hard for me to judge. He was neutered when he was 6 months old, and I didn't really notice a difference in behaviour. Yet some say that Rabbits would mark territory if they're not neutered/spayed. To solve that issue though, I have litter-trained him so he never goes outside his litter box. He doesn't like to be held but do love to be petted. As long as it's fairly calm in his surrounding area, he's quite chilled and a great companion in the dead of night!

  2. Thank you!
    I love that breed:) Im glad that it has a good personality...Im not sure if I would like a male or female? And I feel like I might end up with a mini rex; since there are so many of them. I know for sure that I want something small like yours <3

    Thanks so much Selena,
    Hopefully I will see you around Toronto---I will let you know what we get:)


  3. Just got my first mini rex and he is a blue one and so so pretty.Fur is like velvet and so lovely to handle.He is only 8 weeks old so will be fun to watch grow.He has made himself at home already with my other two young lads.
    I am new to rabbits and it is an adventure LOL.They are very fun to watch and so lovely to pet.Enjoy which ever one you have.Oh and two or three are a better number especially if you have to leave them to go to work all day.One can get very aggressive if left unhandled for a long time.
    Love and hugs to you