Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post Office Love

Yesterday was such a good day! I went to the post office (it had been a few days since the last time I went) and my box was full of awesome things. I love when that happens. First off I want to thank Melinda for the sweetest fox card print ever! They are limited edition and you should grab one while you can. The fox & clovers remind me of spring time, and makes me think of nice things. Secondly, I ordered some vintage library pocket cards and stamps. I am so happy with them. The woman I ordered them from was so nice and sent me a really great hand picked selection. Im not sure what I am going to do with them yet...but it will something special I'm sure. I really enjoy the hand written names on the library cards, you can tell that it is children writing their names in cursive (with pencil), adorable.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you got it! Those library cards and stamps are amazing!

  2. I got it yesterday! It totally made my day. Thank you. Yes I am liking those cards and stamps, just not sure what to do with them yet...but I had to have them.

  3. I'm sure you'll think of something fun to do with them!
    Talk soon!

  4. hi sara!
    I met you yesterday at the stitch and bitch! I was the girl who was amazed at felting, and you so kindly showed me how that magic was done!
    It was so nice meeting you! I hope to see your finished bear soon! And donkey (the donkey is SO CUTE!)!
    And I hope to see you again soon!

  5. Yeah I am so glad you commented. Yes I remember you from the workroom. You showed me the lovely book of Japanese Dresses:)Drool...they were all so pretty. I hope you got to finish that dress you started? I'm sure we will run into each other! I will be going to more of those stitch & bitches, I had so much fun! Yeah!!!