Friday, January 22, 2010

Sandi Falconer

Finally something new and exciting! I feel a bit rusty, I haven't been keeping up with doing the profiles every week. I think I let the negative comments get to me way too much. So I was bummed out for a bit, but I'm getting over it. Also having such a flexible schedule gives me too much freedom sometimes. And lately I have been focusing on me, and working on my own stuff (is that selfish?). Meeting Sandi was such a breath of fresh air, she was so great(and her cat was so cute). I love her work, her posters make me happy! Meeting rad lady artists like herself make me want to not be such a slacker anymore. Anyways, check out her sweet website and see for yourself how awesome her posters are. And the interview it pretty great, with links to other awesome sites.


  1. sara, i loved this profile. i love how fun and carefree her work looks. i really like what you do generally so hearing that negative comments made you bummed for a bit made me sad. your profiles are doing such great things for artists and for people to be aware of these creative individuals in the city. i'm really happy there are people like you who cares to put more exposure on what artists are doing at the moment.

  2. Eunice, awww, thank you. I have one that Im working on, so it should be posted next week. I am slowly getting back into it. Nice/awesome people like yourself make me happy!