Friday, January 1, 2010

The White House

Finally a new interview, and a new year! This one is a bit different from all the others I have done. It focuses on a studio space, rather than a specific artist. Also its a pretty long read, and has two different people answering questions. I just thought that it was a good time to write something about the White House, since they have just moved to a new location in Kensington Market. The other location, was nice and convenient for me at the time. This one seems more exciting. Its all open space and has big windows to let in alot of natural light. I only know a couple of people who have spaces... but I'm sure everyone is nice. Xenia is one of the founders, and deserves alot of credit, for what she has done. I would not have the patience and organizational skills to do create what she has. Affordable studio space downtown, and basically a little community. So I dont know if my piece does The White House any justice...but atleast its out there and people can go check out there website and see what they are up too.

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