Friday, October 23, 2009

Anneke van Bommel

This is something new I just started doing with TCA. It is similar to the Artist Profiles...but a little bit different. I am excited to be apart of TCA, and was so happy Anneke agreed to be my first victim for the interview. Her subject matter really intrigued me, and how stunning and simple her peices look. I really want one of her axe brooches (hint-hint). We also talked about her NSCAD experience... She is really busy, I could tell by how many different projects she had on the go at her studio. I was impressed by how tidy and organzied the space was...kinda like my work space. Anneke doesn't have a website, but you can see her pieces on Etsy.
Also read the interview and let me know what you think of's new so any input would be welcome...

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