Monday, March 8, 2010

Genevieve Jodouin

This is the Questions for Crafters that I mentioned in the earlier post...Its Genevieve Jodouin! I have admired her style of prints for awhile. They are very romantic and domesticated. I love the ones where people are reading books or drinking coffee. Oh, I really like her wooden brooches that she prints on. You should check out her little etsy shop to see more. I also had a really nice time in her studio space at 401 Richmond "open studio" Its so big I kinda got lost after a few turns...haha. Genevieve was nice enough to do a little print demo for me to photograph. She made a rabbit print (which I love). And we talked about how it works at Open Studio, and different screens, and what she has coming up... Read the interview to find out more about her


  1. great interview sara!!
    ps. it was good to see you last nite at the stitch n' bitch! can't wait to see your animal wonderland! :) soooo cute

  2. Thanks. I'm so happy I went! Im gonna keep on going to them, and maybe I will actually get some felting done--animal forest here I come! haha...