Monday, May 17, 2010

Winnie Truong

Now that I'm back from Chicago/finished the artist residency/and TCAF is over. I am back to doing Artist Profiles! Yeah! I am excited to look and interview others about their art again, its nice to take a break from my own art. Okay back to the good stuff(Winnie's art). I don't know if anybody else out there in internet land checked out the OCAD grad show that just happened?....if you did, then you probably saw some amazing drawings! Winnie's work stood out and basically blew my mind. Seeing them in person is way different then just photos of them online. They don't do them justice, trust me. So I contacted her and she was nice enough to do a little interview. Where you can find out what she has planned for future projects---that way you will be able to she her work in person! She was also sweet enough to send me a couple of studio shots, I am always a sucker for a cat in the studio photo. After you check out the interview, you should also read her blog(it is full of nice things).

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