Monday, August 9, 2010

Alex Kisilevich

It's already August...I cant believe summer is going to be over so soon. Many things have happened, but I feel like I'm settling into a routine slowly---which is good for me. Oh and it was my birthday last week (im not a birthday person what so ever), it was really nice and embarrassing all at the same time. I have really great friends who totally surprised me with a thoughtful gift that I just adore! Okay, back to the Artist Profile. I had approached Alex over a year ago to do the interview(hence the old questions)...and finally it is done-huzzah! It was a nice surprise to have it coincide with the show at Angell Gallery. Which is totally worth going to see, its running till August 21. Beautiful images, and nice answers. Thanks Alex. Oh and hopefully the internet trolls dont bum me out, I dislike how they anonymously pick on the artist (or me).

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