Friday, September 25, 2009

Eunice Luk

This artist profile makes me really happy, because I met Eunice at Zine Dream 2. We both had tables and really liked each others work. I think all the money I earned that day went towards cute things made by her. Totally worth it! I should have bought the adorable screened print pictured above...what was I thinking? I had such a good time visiting her home and taking pictures. She even had yummy tarts for us to enjoy, and her boyfriend Ted, who is also a talented artist, had a ukulele ( I am jealous). It was so great that I met her, and looked up her website, and feel in love with all of pieces. I am thinking of sending my friend Sarah McNeil
some of her fun things I purchased at Zine Dream 2, I think she will like them as well. I also love how we both enjoy getting real mail. You should read the interview, and see how awesome Eunice's art really is.