Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nicholas Aoki

It has been really long, since my last Artist Profile. I had been working hard on changing the questions just for this new profile. So that it would focus on Nicholas work for his solo show at Narwhal. I tried to make the questions more serious...not my normal style at all. It seems to have turned out okay. The one thing that made me a little crazy was tiff (Toronto International Film Festival) basically I worked super hard on getting Nicholas profile complete, so that it would be posted in time with his show. Except tiff had top priority, and my piece was pushed way back. Thanks Megan Fox. So I was bummed since it was only posted just a few days before the show is ending. That means you only have a tiny amount of time to run over and check it out.
Also interviewing Nicholas was really fun, I had a good time, we even went on a mini adventure to go get a big box and I enjoyed climbing through the window too. Also Nicholas was working on a little oil study so that was exciting to see, I like it when an artist works in different mediums. Please check out the profile to see what Nicholas has to say about his first solo show.

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