Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jan Avendano

I had such a good time talking with Jan. I have seen her around and never actually talked to her before the interview. I was mostly familiar with her threadless tees...I also was super impressed with her design patterns that have been used by naked & angry. It was so nice to chat about stuff we are both into, like to-do lists or just lists in general, drawing in crappy sketchbooks and not wanting to use the nice ones that we have. Jan was nice enough to let me see all of her old sketchbooks, and I was really into her doodles and all the crazy fonts she was sketching. We both have the ability to write in different styles. Which can be usefull and a curse...also talking about yummy burgers was great too! hopefully that zine she is working on will be out soon. The interview is really fun, and i took some photos for it, but really her work space is kinda like mine. Really simple, clean and sparse. Alot of her work is computer based(not all), so it was some shots of her just photos of Jan's work was posted(incase you were wondering what happened). She is such a talented lady, I have way so many more nice things to say about her and her work, just check out her site to see the crazy variety of awesome work she makes.

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